About Us

Almost every human activity that takes place in, on or under the sea requires some knowledge of the hydrography of the area – in other words, knowledge of the shape and nature of the seafloor, its characteristics and its hazards.

Without hydrography:

– no ship sails safely

– no port is built

– no coastal infrastructure is developed

– no marine environmental plan is implemented

– no coast or island is defended

– no marine rescue is attempted

– no inundation model is developed

– no maritime boundary is delimited or enforced

The Nigeria Hydrographic Society provides opportunity for individuals academically endowed in the fields that patterns the characteristics of hydrography to come together to achieve a common purpose, supporting safe and efficient navigation, safeguarding life and property at the sea.

Area of Specialization


-Hydrographic Surveying/Dredging

– Academics

-Land Surveying/Geo-informatics

– Geology/Geophysics

-Physical/Chemical Oceanography

-Digital cartography/GIS

-Biotech, Aquaculture, Marine Biology

-Photogrammetric/Remote Sensing

-Fisheries and Marine Technology

– Coastal Zone Management


-IHO Specialization (Boundary Delineation, Cartography, Tide, Maritime Safety)

Others: Equipment designs

Our Regions

NHS Regions include

Lagos zone

Port Harcourt Zone

Warri Zone 

Northern Zone