• STUDENT MEMBERS: Student members are students of various schools who are in relevant disciplines recognized by the NHS Council.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: These are individuals who specialize in other fields but interested in Hydrography and its development.
  • FULL INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS:  These are individuals holding qualifications in the science and Technology of Hydrography, acceptable to the NHS Council.
  • CORPORATE MEMBERS: These are Professionals, Governmental Agencies and Departments, Foundations and other Non Profits Organizations, Educational Institutions, Public and Private Corporations and Firms interested in fostering the objectives of the Society.


Increase your knowledge. NHS offers members a chance to increase their knowledge in a particular area in hydrography and other surveying practices. It adds another string to the bow. It helps members to learn more about survey and other marine practices. Students members will know what they want to do after graduation ahead of their mates by joining the society.


Give something back. Joining the society can be a great opportunity to indulge your philanthropic side and to do something back for the community by sponsoring or participating in a community project organized by the society.


Get Connected.  After joining the society, members will begin to receive the society’s magazine or eNewsletter. Those publications will be full of the latest trends and happenings in the field. Staying up-to-date in your field will give you an advantage over other hydrographic surveyors. You will already be more informed about the industry and the upcoming events in the body all over the world.


Job Postings. Very soon NHS will have their own career section on their website but on the society’s Facebook page IHO job vacancies are posted for interested members to see and apply. Also on the web site members will learn which companies are hiring and apply for those for which they qualify.


Resume Enhancement. Show on your resume that you have a passion for your field. Indicating NHS as your professional association in your resume displays your commitment and dedication to your field and your career to prospective employers.


Conferences.  Students can attend at a discounted rate and hear from keynote speakers in the industry. When students go for an interview, they can impress the employer by knowing all the trends in the field that they learned from the conference. State and national conferences, workshops and meetings are more of the perks provided by the society to eligible members. Attending the conferences is an excellent way to become more aware of the most recent issues and advances in their profession. Members also discover what similar organizations are doing. At conferences and workshops, there are exhibition of equipment used in the field, members use the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the latest tools and machines available in the field and likely purchase them at a discounted price.


In conclusion, membership in NHS is an excellent investment for a surveyor’s future. It will promote the members’ professional development and provide great prospects for advancing their career in survey.